CPA Services

Attest Services

Audit and Review for full financial statements.  Also available for single financial statements or specific elements depending on needs and purpose.  CPA services.

Agreed-Upon Procedures and Compliance Engagements.  When a compliance audit or review is not required, an agreed upon procedures engagement can be a creative way to provide findings.

Owner-employees, banks, creditors, external shareholders, insurance providers, lessors, and other business partners can expect findings on specific information about a company’s operations.

Loan covenants, contracts, partnerships, royalty, lease, internal controls, and other obligations may require a compliance report and opinion by a CPA as to whether an entity has complied.

Non-Attest Services

Audited financial statements require that management makes an assertion about its internal control systems. To understand control systems one has to have worked, documented, executed, and improved control environments.

Evaluate and recommend improvements to your systems, either in preparation for an upcoming audit, or as a meaningful improvement to the control of your resources.

Financial Forecasts, Projections

Understanding the differences between projections and forecasts.  Advisory service on what should and should not be used for a particular purpose, and develop the needed tool.


Tax Services

Tax analysis and advisory for reorganizations, asset transfers and exchanges, and estate planning.


Compilations, Reviews

Provide compiled financial statements for non-issuers, private companies, and business entities that desire to meet higher standards and expectations. Resource for general ledger, adjusting entries, error analysis, and other support services to solidify your accounting systems.

Examination or review service for proforma financial statements that have been previously audited or reviewed.

Information Technology Services

Expert advisory to evaluate and recommend IT projects, software, and implementations for operations.  Software requirements specification development.