Business Consulting

Change Leadership

Change agent and leadership. Creates and implement processes and systems. Proven track record in Lean, financial management, accounting, risk mitigation, materials, planning, procurement, and production control.

Evaluation and proposal for change, or immediate leadership for a pre-identified project, program, or the organizational change required.

Business Advisory Services

Niche strengths in supply, manufacturing, and financial operations from high tech industry, and evolution of those operations to become more efficient, effective, and automated where administrative non-value-added functions give way to systematic solutions.

Business Plan Development

Develops finished work product. Careful and effective business planning improves the client’s ability to encourage investment, plan with partners, or clarify the road on to embark upon.

Worldview provides effective analysis and learns quickly about the client’s sector, industry, business environment, and markets to develop a business plan.

Market Analysis

Market analysis and reporting to provide knowledge and understanding needed to guide decisions based on corporate, sector, industry, and acute markets. Provides marketing analysis reports.


Business Process Improvement & Design

Establishes new processes in complex matrix environments and all business sizes. Develops and implements major supply chain, demand management, materials systems, logistics process improvements, and accounting and financial controls. Leadership on call when needed.


Supply Chain Development, QMS

Develop and implement major supply chain, demand management, materials systems, and logistics process improvements.  Project planning, design, and develop quality management systems for first time or improvements to established systems.